SET Centrepiece Rentals

We customize our centerpieces to include your wedding colours by ribbons and/or silk floral accents.


Our trio vase centerpiece consists of 3 cylinder vases in varying heights (6", 9" and 12") with a submerged silk floral (colour choice) and 1.5" floating tealight.  Each vase also has a ribbon around it at the water level.  They are placed on a square mirror base.

$15 per set


Our Glassless Lantern Duo are 8" gold lanterns equipped with flameless pillar candles and silk floral accents.  They are placed on a square mirror base (20 sets available)

$15 per set


Our Green Chicken Wire Birdcage has silk florals and silk greenery draping from the top.  It can have a faux bird or flameless pillar candle inside ( 5 sets available).

$12 per set


Our trio vase centrepiece consists of 3 cylinder vases wrapped in white lace (varying widths).  Each has a floating tealight.  They are placed on a square mirror base with a strand of pearls

$15 per set


We have gold birdcages (2 different heights).  Each one would have silk floral accents and flameless pillar candles.

$15 per set


Our white lanterns have a flameless candle, silk floral accents in your choice of colour.  Place on top of a square mirror base.

$12 per set

Pricing subject to applicable tax and subject to change without notice.

DIY Rentals

Rent one or more pieces and create your own centerpieces!

  • Mason Jars

  • Tea light holders

  • Cylinder vases (various sizes)

  • Flameless pillar candles

  • Gold Birdcages

  • White lanterns

  • Green Chicken Wire Birdcage

  • Glassless Lantern - gold

  • Square mirror

  • Faux Manzanita Tree - silver