Trio Vase Centrepiece

Our trio vase centrepiece consists of 3 cylinder vases in varying heights with a submerged silk floral and floating tealight.  Each vase also has a ribbon around it at the water level.  They are placed on a square mirror base.

Trio Vase Centrepiece

We have gold birdcages (2 different heights).  Each one would have silk floral accents and flameless pillar candles.

Our Glassless Lantern Duo are 8" gold lanterns equiped with flameless pillar candles and silk floral accents.  They are placed on a square mirror base.

Glassless Duo Lanterns

Our trio vase centrepiece consists of 3 cylinder vases wrapped in white lace (varying widths).  Each has a floating tealight.  They are placed on a square mirror base with a strand of pearls

Trio Vase Centrepiece

We customize our centerpieces to include your wedding colours by ribbons or silk floral accents.

Trio Vase Centrepiece

Our white lanterns have a flameless candle, silk floral accents in your choice of colour.  Place on top of a square mirror base.

  • Green Chicken Wire Birdcage
  • Glassless Lantern - gold
  • Flameless pillar candles
  • Gold Birdcages
  • White lanterns
Chicken wire Birdcage - Green

Our Green Chicken Wire Birdcage has silk florals and silk greenery draping from the top.  It can have a faux bird or flameless pillar candle inside.  It is placed atop a square piece of moss.

DIY Rentals

Rent one or more pieces and create your own centerpieces!

  • Square mirror
  • Faux Manzanita Tree - silver

Centrepiece Rentals

  • Mason Jars 
  • Tea light holders
  • Cylinder vases (various sizes)

Complete Wedding Decor Rentals